Just a few relevant bits for here.  As you can probably tell this is not meant to be a “deep” site.  All said, we do have a lot of history in the Seattle and Pac NW area.  So as example we’re “www.TheSeattleSanta.com” - We just finished our 6th year being a Santa & Mrs Claus and such.

Elise and I have also been involved in a lot of community media projects, movie making, film and video production, we’re experienced voice over talent and more.

We have some favored groups we like to benefit with some of our work.  So as example during the Santa season we do a lot of work for local folks in distress, we do things like host a walk for the homeless on Christmas Eve morning where we hand out gifts and stuff like that.  As the Gnome we do a lot of things to try to help some doggie and kitty rescue teams and the like.  In short you’ll see us around trying to do a little to help.  Its fun.  A lot of fun.

We are zany!  We’re truly up for any idea you might have?  Gnome Surprise?  Rabbit wandering around at midnight delivering a slice of Carrot Cake?  Something that involves a parachute and fireworks?  Yay!!  Lets have some fun!

We’re flexible too.  Just let us know what you need, and we’ll see what we can do to make it all work out.